Kogure Laboratory

About Me

I am a professor and vice director of Center for Regional Affairs (CERA), Fukushima University, Japan. I am also a practitioner, coordinator, and consultant of lifelong and adult learning. In every year, I have many extension lectures and open seminars for citizens. When regional communities consult me about the curriculum/program of lifelong education, I also advise them as a consultant.

I have an academic career as a 'researcher of cognitive psychology and neuropsychology’. I am interested in approaching adult development and learning from the perspective of human cognition. I also teach biological, perception, cognitive, and media psychology to undergraduate and graduate students in class.

Our laboratory has focused on the following research themes.

  1. Adult education program in university
  2. Psychological effects and educational significance of adult learning/education
  3. Adolescence and adult development on the contemporary media environment
  4. Other psychological themes


NAME Terumasa Kogure
POSITION Professor, Fukushima University, Fukushima, Japan
MAJOR Psychology, Adult Learning
E-MAIL kogure(at)educ.fukushima-u.ac.jp
Last update: January 14, 2020.